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Financial Engineering

"Before taxing, let's start not taxing"


Canovia has been developing its solutions since 2007.
Our company is an investment bank operating under the regulated status of an investment services provider with a European passport. 

Our job is to seek economic balance through financial tools, i.e. to create symbioses to feed entrepreneurial projects.


We have developed specific know-how in the management of complex projects and are structured to work as a team with other regulated professions or experts useful for the reiteration of validated choices. Mastery of time and schedules is a recognised part of our know-how.
élément reconnu de notre savoir-faire.

  • Reorganization of family shareholding
  • Build Up Strategy
  • Non-guaranteed investment
  • Merger strategy - securtities exchanges
  • Risk compartmentalisation strategy - OBOs
  • Disposal strategy
  • Turnaround strategy retournement 
  • Financial information

Enjoying Entrepreneurship

We are constantly seeking to create new models in line with the economy and the people who make it up. The search for balance is at the core of our actions. Because we believe that each action must be meaningful, we apply our energy and creativity to serve our clients in order to simplify systems, make processes more efficient, promote emerging characteristics, capitalise on entrepreneurial capacity, bring out collective intelligence, and take pleasure in undertaking. 

Time management

Time is the basic unit of our financial and economic system. Because we believe that mastering it allows for efficiency, we are constantly developing solutions and processes that allow us to keep to the schedule constraints set but also to focus the operators' activity on value-added tasks.

"Financial strategy, purchase, disposal, merger/acquisition, management control, financing/investment."

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