Sectorial Offers

Independent Professionals

"Being a independent professional means first of all practising a technical and specialised profession. But it also means taking on the responsibilities of a true entrepreneur."


Independent professionals are very sharp in their field and sometimes forget the management of their business. We are at your side so that you don't have to worry about management, your obligations, the administration and that you can devote yourself exclusively to your clients or patients. Here are a few examples of some of the assignments we carry out for you :

  • Choosing the right status 
  • Keeping or revising your accounting records
  • Monitoring of the Self-Employed Worker scheme
  • Developing your business
  • Getting financed
  • Managing your HR
  • Protecting the leader's assets
  • Optimising your tax system
  • Be informed and trained
  • Finding foresight for the manager and his or her
  • Acquire or transfer your business
  • Communicate
  • Securing your decision-making...

ANDRÉ Le GROUPE supports architects, lawyers, notaries, veterinarians, bailiffs, experts, teachers... Don't waste any more time with the management of your structure and devote yourself fully to your profession.

"Aware of the particularities of exercising a liberal profession, ANDRÉ LE GROUPE has set up a specific offer to help you in your decision-making. Moreover, we optimise your personal assets while protecting your professional activity."

"Being an independent professional means knowing how to provide technical and precise answers to your customers. But whether regulated or not, your activity does not disassociate you from your responsibilities as an entrepreneur".

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