Sectorial Offers

Craftsman - Retailer

"Since 1946, craftsmen and tradesmen who place their trust in us have been evolving more serenely in their respective markets."

Craftsman - Retailer

We know your current and future problems because we have already met and solved them in the past with our historical clients :

  • Isolation of the leader
  • Raw material cost fluctuations 
  • Depreciation of equipment and premises
  • Personnel management
  • Retirement / Pension
  • Permanent evolution of the legislation
  • Profitability of product or service ranges
  • Changing consumption patterns
  • Thinking about logistics
  • Administrative complexity
  • Payment defaults
  • Your market is running out of steam
  • The transfer of your business

Our priority is to favour a human-sized structure where teamwork
adapts to the specific, one-off or permanent needs of our clients.
We bet on your satisfaction !

ANDRÉ LE GROUPE is a leading player in its market and is positioned as a true partner. More than a Chartered Accountant, we are your first support and we are fully involved in your professional and personal projects.”                      professionnels et personnels. »

"Knowing how to harmonize the seasonality and economic climate of your environment is quite an art. Your business cycles fluctuate and require adjustments, fortunately you follow our valuable advice to optimize the management of your inventory, your cash flow..."

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