Sectorial Offers

Wine trade

Since 1946, our conclusion is simple, knowing how to manage a winery or a wine business requires specific skills and knowledge".


A winemaking activity requires a 360° vision of your environment. André le Groupe supports you from the creation to the transfer of your company as well as in the daily management and development of your business:

  • Define your strategy
  • Opting for the most appropriate status
  • Getting financed
  • Obtaining grants and subsidies
  • Keeping or revising your accounting records
  • Customs
  • Research grants and subsidies
  • Facing the competition
  • Knowing its profitability
  • Hiring and paying
  • Managing your HR
  • Managing and valuing its stocks
  • Managing cash flow
  • Communicate
  • Export your wines
  • Be informed and trained
  • Potecting your asset
  • Transferring your business

We have many references in the wine world. We offer you our most in-depth advice and provide you with a wide range of steering and decision-making tools.
de nombreux outils de pilotage et d’aides à la prise de décision.

ANDRÉ LE GROUPE builds the future of your business with you and ensures your serenity".
et assure votre sérenité ».

"André le Groupe accompanies companies in the wine industry, whether they are regional, national or international in scale, our range of services has been recognised by the industry for many decades".

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