Sectorial Offers


"After the era of industrialisation and then the era of globalisation, the stratup era is the new lung of the world economy!"


We know the daily challenges that startupers face and we bring our solutions and our vast network to surpass each challenge and accompany you in your growth :

  • Becoming scalable
  • Raising funds and getting financed
  • Facing the competition
  • Managing your needs quickly
  • Hiring and paying
  • Finding / achieving your product / market fit
  • Managing cash flow
  • Managing your business
  • Communicate
  • Finding offices
  • Be informed and trained
  • Developing the ecosystem
  •  ...

We support many start-ups, investors, incubators, etc.
in the development of their respective businesses. The tools and resources we provide to satisfy you are more and more numerous. We also promote networking within our environment.

LE GROUPE ANDRÉ accompanies entities wishing to change the rules of French entrepreneurship and technologies: biotech, meditech, disruptive technologies, ICTs, environment... and we are fully involved in your professional and personal projects."

"A startup is not strictly speaking a specific business creation model, but rather a state of mind and a choice of economic plan based on rapid growth. The development of your startup deserves expert guidance".

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